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Say Cheese at the Dairy Capital of Canada Cheese Fest

A 7300-pound wheel of cheese is a big story! In 1866, 1400 cows contributed 127,006 cups of milk to produce a mammoth wheel of cheese for the purpose of promoting Oxford County, in southwestern Ontario, to the markets of the United States, Great Britain, and France. And it worked. Over 150 years later, Oxford County […]

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Judging at the World Food Championships

When we were invited to be judges at the World Food Championships (WFC) at The Wharf in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, Alabama, we jumped into the RV and headed south. In order to be qualified as WFC judges at the annual, fast-paced food competition we attended an EAT Methodology seminar. In accordance with the EAT Methodology, […]

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How to be a Food Sport Competitor and Win $100,000

At the World Food Championships, a fast-paced culinary challenge, home cooks and back yard grillers compete with Food Network chefs and restaurant owners. It’s all about good food, competition, and fun. Once you have chosen your category out of the nine included in the competition (bacon, barbecue, burger, chili, dessert, steak, sandwich, seafood, and recipe) […]

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Soybean Harvest Time in Southwestern Ontario

On a hot, dry, dusty day in October, the soybeans are ready. The delicate plants are brown and brittle. Over two million acres of soybeans are grown annually in Ontario. Farmers spend hours on their combines, the monster machines that cut off the entire plant and separate the cherry-pit size beans from the stalks and pods. […]

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We drive into people's lives Share the hour And drive out again Wondering If we will ever see them again And, if we stayed longer Would the withdrawal be as intense Would the sweetness be diluted We meet by chance Connecting At a moment in time At a particular place on earth We leave Glad to have been there Because after all For that moment in time It was our favorite place on earth