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Old And New Danish Traditions in Solvang California

Solvang, California, began as a Danish settlement in 1911. The architecture is strikingly European with cross-beamed timbers and thatched roofing. Only ten percent of the people living in Solvang today, in the midst of Santa Barbara’s wine country, claim Danish ancestry but the small town is known as being more Danish than Denmark. The Little […]

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A Fusion Of Outdoor Adventure & City Living in Oxnard, California

Oxnard, California, is the place for people who appreciate nature when it is in close proximity to city living. Immense beaches run for miles with pristine white sand and gentle desert-type dunes. Fresh Pacific Ocean bounty and local farm produce is available on restaurant menus. Nearby Channel Islands National Park includes five off shore islands, […]

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Northerners Become Winter Yumans

Daily sunshine and warm temperatures from November to March in Yuma, Arizona, entice North Americans living in colder climates to become Winter Yumans. Those months, that are considered Yuma’s cold season, average a high of 24° Celsius or 75° Fahrenheit. RV resorts and parks become home to Americans, from the northern states, and Canadians who […]

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Cuba – From The Straits Of Florida To The Streets Of Havana

In November 2009, we flew from Canada to Cuba to stay for a week at a 5 star hotel on the beach in Varadero. Our ocean-view room looked out over the miles of rolling south-sea blue water of the Straits of Florida. Directly below, palm trees, swimming pools, cabanas, and matching white and blue deck […]

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We drive into people's lives
Share the hour
And drive out again
If we will ever see them again
And, if we stayed longer
Would the withdrawal be as intense
Would the sweetness be diluted
We meet by chance
At a moment in time
At a particular place on earth
We leave
Glad to have been there
Because after all
For that moment in time
It was our favorite place on earth