The Cooking Ladies

Retrofit Ends Our RV Window Coverings Nightmare

The day-night shades and cockpit blind in our RV turned into a nightmare. Strings stretched, shades drooped, and brackets dislodged. Masking tape and Velcro were not the answer. Practical, yes. Pretty, no. We knew there had to be something better. We found the perfect solution at the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s National Trade Show in Louisville, […]

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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream with Black Lava Sea Salt

A restaurant that encourages creativity and experimentation in the kitchen will attract customers with a passion for the out-of-the-ordinary. Liquid nitrogen, a new age technique in restaurant kitchens, can lead to all sorts of exciting creations. At Gilt, in downtown Kitchener, Ontario, we watched as our Nitro Ice Cream was made to order, almost instantly. Golden-brown caramelized […]

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Belle Chevre “Behind Every Great Cheese There Is A Story”

Tasia Malakasis was living in New York City when she found Belle Chevre goat cheese, from her hometown in North Alabama, on display in a gourmet retail shop. Tasia returned to Elkmont, Alabama, in the northern portion of the state, to learn the art of cheesemaking. She apprenticed at Belle Chevre, a 20-year-old company well-known […]

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Jules J Berta Winery, Peace Among The Plants

As our group of travel writers waited to meet the owner of Jules J Berta Winery, a biker drove into the parking lot. His hair was long, his eyes hidden by sunglasses. A sleeveless vest and short sleeve tee shirt did nothing to hide heavily muscled, tanned arms. “I’m Jules Berta. Welcome to our winery,” […]

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We drive into people's lives
Share the hour
And drive out again
If we will ever see them again
And, if we stayed longer
Would the withdrawal be as intense
Would the sweetness be diluted
We meet by chance
At a moment in time
At a particular place on earth
We leave
Glad to have been there
Because after all
For that moment in time
It was our favorite place on earth