The Cooking Ladies

Rustic Salad In An Eat South Greenhouse

In a greenhouse, in downtown Montgomery, Alabama, we lunched on rustic salad served over warm flatbread. The experience was the epitome of freshness as the scent of fertile soil mingled with the aroma of just-picked herbs and greens. A warm, gentle rain tapped on the roof, trickled down the walls to form pools near our feet. Chef Leo of […]

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RV Park Food Service Means No Cooking

Many RV parks now provide food service menus that include items like pizza and burgers, but we recently discovered two RV resorts that take the food concept one step farther. Both experiences were perfect after a day’s drive, when we had neither the time nor the inclination to cook. While registering at the Destin West […]

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“Best Historic City in America” – Montgomery, Alabama

No wonder Montgomery, Alabama, was voted Best Historic City in America by USA Today. By standing at the Court Square Fountain in downtown Montgomery, we could turn 360 degrees and face sites of American history from Civil War to Civil Rights.  The city is telling its story one historical marker at a time. In the 1850s, […]

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Royal Red Shrimp And A Worldly Wine Flight On The Mississippi Gulf Coast

Go to the Half Shell Oyster Bar in Biloxi, Mississippi. Order the Royal Red Shrimp. They taste more like lobster than shrimp.      Royal Reds are not available everywhere, preferring cold, dark, deep water habitats. Their texture is softer and their flavor sweeter than regular shrimp. Ruby-colored, they cook quickly and when dipped in warm, […]

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We drive into people's lives
Share the hour
And drive out again
If we will ever see them again
And, if we stayed longer
Would the withdrawal be as intense
Would the sweetness be diluted
We meet by chance
At a moment in time
At a particular place on earth
We leave
Glad to have been there
Because after all
For that moment in time
It was our favorite place on earth