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Food Bloggers and Food Are The Focus At FBC2017

Food Bloggers of Canada is an organization that promotes and fosters the Canadian food blogging scene and at the same time recognizes the diversity in Canada and how it is reflected in Canadian food blogs. We attended the FBC annual conference in Ottawa in October, 2017. When the conference was over, we arrived back at […]

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More Than Poutine, Favourite Foods from My Home and Native Land

It was the cookbook title that caught our attention. More Than Poutine, Favourite Foods from My Home and Native Land. Wow, not only references to poutine, a favourite, but a quote from our national anthem. This book is Canadian for sure, but the question is, did the cookbook live up to our expectations. As food […]

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Diva Q And The Cooking Ladies Are Sisters In Grilling

Danielle Bennett, a Canadian woman known worldwide as Diva Q, is the only person ever issued a visa into the United States as a “person of extraordinary talent – barbecue expert.” That’s what she is. A tattoo on her arm says “UNSTOPPABLE” and she is that, too. We met Danielle at Sons of Kent Brewing […]

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Canadian Wild Rice Pasta

Wild rice pasta has won a place at the test kitchen table. We like it because it is lighter than regular pasta, it has the unique nutty flavour of wild rice, and it is produced by a Canadian family business based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A few years ago we met Murray Ratuski at his wild […]

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We drive into people's lives Share the hour And drive out again Wondering If we will ever see them again And, if we stayed longer Would the withdrawal be as intense Would the sweetness be diluted We meet by chance Connecting At a moment in time At a particular place on earth We leave Glad to have been there Because after all For that moment in time It was our favorite place on earth