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2013 July 10th

Geckos Like Chocolate, Too. But Not At The Same Stage Of The Chocolate Process As We Do

Pam and Bob Cooper, in a previous lifetime, didn’t know that chocolate grew on trees. Now, at their Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory in Kona, Hawaii, they produce 100,000 pounds of chocolate per year. Bob explains it is the volcanic soil, rain, and sunshine unique to Hawaii that produces the distinctive texture and taste of their Original Hawaiian Chocolate. […]

2013 July 7th

Coffee At Its Best…”Crackulated” Kona Coffee, Big Island, Hawaii

The Ue Shima Coffee Company (UCC) is the only coffee company that “crackulates” its coffee beans. Not just once, but twice. The first “crack” is a gentle popcorn pop that sends out hints of freshly baked cupcakes. The second “crack” explodes like fireworks, the aroma conjuring up perfect morning toast.