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2013 September 29th

How Cool Is It To Be Served A Seven Course Dinner By The Proud People Who Produced The Ingredients?

To meet farmers, vintners, brewers, and gardeners  as they serve you your meal? To share a table with their families, friends, and supporters. A high energy welcome to Chatham Kent Table 2013 from Mary Jane Smith of Smith and Wilson Winery. Fruit cup with fresh berry compote. Gazpacho salsa in cucumber cups. Kristen and Sue Korpan, […]

2013 September 24th

Windsor-Detroit Funnel…”How Are You Going To Wet Your Whistle When The Whole World’s Dry.”

Benny da Weasel clamored aboard our tour bus shouting, “Want whiskey? I’ll show you where you can get some.” Once he knew we weren’t going to turn him in to the authorities he relaxed and sang “I’ll sell my shoes for a bottle of booze, nobody knows how dry I am.” The Rum Runners Tour […]

2013 September 4th

Writers in the rain: What rain?

Setting: Dining on the beach, by torchlight, Duke’s Waikiki Restaurant at the Outrigger Hotel, Honolulu.   Timing: The sun is setting at the end of a perfect day in Hawaii. The Wines: Parings presented by Robert Larsen, Rodney Strong Vineyards, California. Characters: International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association conference attendees. Past President Maralyn Hill. President […]