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2013 October 17th

Tecumseh Dies Again, At 1813 Battle Of The Thames Re-enactment

Chief Tecumseh and his brother strived to restore and preserve traditional Indian values at a time when white settlers were moving in on Indian territories in both the United States and Canada. Tecumseh allied with the British because he saw the Americans as a more immediate threat to his cause. On October 5, 1813 Tecumseh was […]

2013 October 14th

A Shepherd Named Paul, A Crazy 8 Sided Barn, And Passionate People Producing Chatham-Kent Bounty

Paul Spence, of Lo Maximo Meats, tends his flock passionately. His flock extends beyond his farm to include his fellow farmers and producers of Chatham-Kent.   Paul can be found at public venues promoting the bounty of what he describes as the most productive land in Canada.  Through the annual Chatham-Kent Table and organized farm tours he […]

2013 October 6th

Contented Cows And Happy Pigs

Chris Knight at Clear Creek Farms in Highgate, Ontario, is passionate about switching from conventional to organic farming, from free grazing without controls to controlled rotational grazing. Chris moves his Black Angus cattle from one contained paddock to another, every day. Constantly in motion, their hooves aerate the soil.  By not using parasitic control on his animals, the […]