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2014 May 26th

Royal Red Shrimp And A Worldly Wine Flight On The Mississippi Gulf Coast

Go to the Half Shell Oyster Bar in Biloxi, Mississippi. Order the Royal Red Shrimp. They taste more like lobster than shrimp.      Royal Reds are not available everywhere, preferring cold, dark, deep water habitats. Their texture is softer and their flavor sweeter than regular shrimp. Ruby-colored, they cook quickly and when dipped in warm, […]

2014 May 4th

Barbecue And Crawfish Boil In Cajunland

Barbecue and crawfish boil are part of a 39-year tradition of bringing the family together on Easter Sunday for the Benoit family. This year, we were their neighbors at the KOA in Scott, Louisiana. The youngest attendee was a year old; Lilly, the oldest, was 83.   Sonny Benoit was the cook. Around 9 am, […]