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2014 November 2nd

Retrofit Ends Our RV Window Coverings Nightmare

The day-night shades and cockpit blind in our RV turned into a nightmare. Strings stretched, shades drooped, and brackets dislodged. Masking tape and Velcro were not the answer. Practical, yes. Pretty, no. We knew there had to be something better. We found the perfect solution at the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s National Trade Show in Louisville, […]

2014 November 1st

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream with Black Lava Sea Salt

A restaurant that encourages creativity and experimentation in the kitchen will attract customers with a passion for the out-of-the-ordinary. Liquid nitrogen, a new age technique in restaurant kitchens, can lead to all sorts of exciting creations. At Gilt, in downtown Kitchener, Ontario, we watched as our Nitro Ice Cream was made to order, almost instantly. Golden-brown caramelized […]