Food Bloggers of Canada is an organization that promotes and fosters the Canadian food blogging scene and at the same time recognizes the diversity in Canada and how it is reflected in Canadian food blogs. We attended the FBC annual conference in Ottawa in October, 2017.


Cookbooks To Devour

When the conference was over, we arrived back at the test kitchen having gained not only a pound or two, but, new food blogger friends, ideas for recipes, tips on blog writing, promotion and food photography, and glimpses at upcoming food trends in Canada. And a stack of complimentary cookbooks.


Sundried Tomato & Split Pea Hummus


Indian-Spiced Red Lentil Bites

Food was available at every turn, not just during opening receptions, breakfasts, lunch, and dinners.

What happens at a conference of food bloggers?

1. A lot of eating.


Breakfast Sweet And Fresh

Breakfast grains

Breakfast Fresh Fruit, Dried Fruit And Grains

Breakfast choice

Breakfast French Toast Toppings


Braeburn Farms Egg Patties


Ham And Swiss Yorkshire Pudding


Finger Fruit


Delicate Lentil Dish

Small Portions For Lots Of Sampling


The Many Colours And Textures Of Lentils


Teriyaki Eggs2Go Appetizers


Green Lentil & Roasted Garlic Hummus

Pot Pie

Puff Pastry Pot Pie

Cool Palate Cleanser


Canadian Cheeses


Coffee Break Energy Balls


Bacon Chocolate Cookie Truffles


Pop Up Popcorn Bar


Gluten-Free Brownies

Individual Serving Of Nanaimo Bar Cake

2. Information-packed seminars with food blogger-oriented topics.  We picked up all sorts of tips from Debra Wong’s Grow Your Blog and Business Through Community Building, Sam Turnbull’s Standing Out in a Crowd: Building Your Brand Identity, Heather Travis’ Behind the Brands: What PR Teams Need Bloggers To Know, and Pailin Chongchitnant’s Using Video To Build A Successful Food Business and Community.

Debra Wong

Presenter Debra Wong of The Sugared Teacup


Pailin Chongchitnant of Hot Thai Kitchen

3. Networking with fellow bloggers. Rooms buzzed with foodie conversation.


Networking Over Food


Networking Over Appetizers And Drinks


Fall Sangria With Apples And Cloves

4. Opportunities to meet with food producers. We chatted with dairy, egg, apple, mushroom, hog, beef, and grain farmers to ask questions and receive real answers. 


Presenters With Farm & Food Care

5. Book signings and presentations. Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanHeller, authors of Feast, an edible road trip, spoke about: The Feast Adventure –Think Big and Create Your Own Adventure. The authors shared stories about their five month road trip across Canada’s ten provinces and three territories.

6. The endless enticement of food aromas. We dined around with four Ottawa chefs, each one offering a lentil inspired dish: Chef Chris Deraiche from the Wellington Gastropub, Chef Kevin Benes from Carben Food & Drink, Chef Joe Thottungal from the Coconut Lagoon Restaurant, and Chef Olivia Cruikshank from Pure Kitchen.

7. Blogger Brand Speed Networking. We jumped right in. Our “fast dates” were with Ontario Pork and Mushrooms Canada.

Keynote speaker

Elizabeth Baird

8. Keynote speaker. Elizabeth Baird prefaced her presentation by saying, “I read cookbooks” and went on to prove how cookbooks reflect our history. With reference to cookbooks over the years, she traced the history of cooking in Canada – from First Nations precolonial times through the historic global ethnic influences we have today. War time cookbooks. Kitchen etiquette books. Product driven and church basement cookbooks. Cookbooks written by celebrity chefs. She brought our Canadian food influences full circle with a final mention of contemporary First Nations award-winning cookbooks and prize-winning restaurant menus.

Elizabeth concluded by saying, “There is good eating ahead.”

The Cooking Ladies can attest to the fact that Canadian food bloggers will be telling that “good eating” story.